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Location: Raleigh, NC

Justin: Lead vocals/guitar
Jaymz: Backup vox/guitar
Stewy: Bass
Derek: Drums

Formed in 2005, MoDenA (mo-day-nuh) began as a 3-part idea: a jam between Derek Daigle on the drums, James Carlson on guitar, and former lead singer Jordan Ait. These three produced a type of music filled with raw emotion directly focused from the player's minds. They quickly realized their combined potential for musical success and set out to find a bassist who could match their abilities. Unfortunately, Jordan left the band in fall 2005 to attend school at UNC-Wilmington. Unsure of the band’s future, James stepped in and performed the role of lead singer as he and Derek practiced and wrote new material. Finally, after almost a year without a bass player they found an immediate connection upon trying out bassist Justin 'Stewy' Stewart of Durham, NC in January 2006. After only one session, they had found the right mix for a project they began to call MoDenA.

Though the three band members had found solace in each other's work, they needed a charismatic front man to round out their sound. In March 2006, Justin Womble was added to the lineup as guitarist/lead singer and vocal duties were split essentially in half between James and Justin. James felt hesitant about adding another guitar player to the band’s simple, yet hard-edged, grunge sound but he soon realized that Justin brought a new sense of enthusiasm to MoDenA. He blended in with the existing group to form a unique sound that resonated strongly with the entire band. Their reputation quickly spread through word-of-mouth, cultivating a dedicated and growing fan base throughout North Carolina and other states as well.

MoDenA is a force to be reckoned with. Their hard edged sound stands out significantly in the local Raleigh rock scene due to their commitment to originality. Justin’s lead guitar parts flow perfectly over James’ original, catchy rhythmic riffs. Derek’s Tool-inspired percussion intertwines with Stewy’s low-end bass guitar sound. The combination of two singers provides an extremely vast amount of potential for their music. “There is no rule or formula for writing our music,” James says, “Everyone is open to do what they please as long as it sounds right. There’s no such thing as a hierarchy in our band.” With a complete lineup and a demo of original songs, MoDenA stands poised at the forefront of a new generation of rock n’ roll bands, ready to return the Raleigh scene to its creative roots as a musical oasis and hurl rock back to the top of the artistic hierarchy.
Jaymz: Peavey classic 50 tube amp, Ibanez SM7 Smashbox distortion, Ibanez Iceman IC300 guitar
Justin: Yamaha and LTD guitars, Marshall half stack, Zoom effects
Derek: Pearl drums, Zildjian cymbals
Stewy: Ibanez bass guitars, Peavey 90 watt combo amp
MoDenA Demo 2007
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Tool, Bush, Nirvana, Breaking Benjamin, Chevelle, Stone Temple Pilots, Smile Empty Soul, etc.

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