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Scarlet Crush

Scarlet Crush

Web Site:
Location: Orange County, California USA
Members: Jeff Smetana - Lead vocals, guitar
Jeffrey (JP) Sterzer - Lead guitar, backing vocals
Dax Maddocks - Lead vocal, guitar
Brett Scott - Bass
Johnny Glover - Drums
About: The evolution of popular music is an interesting thing to watch. As trends come and go, there are certain things that must stay the same. Things like melody, hooks and songwriting are as vital today as they were 50 years ago. Despite the current trends toward anger, cynicism, vulgarity and crass commercialism, Scarlet Crush have worked hard to tap into those ever-present elements of pop. "Some people would say we're a throwback in some ways, but the fact that the new Beatles album spent all those weeks at #1 says a lot about the value of good songs," says founding member and chief songwriter Jeff Smetana. "Just because we're not mad at the whole world like a bunch of whiny middle class brats doesn't make us irrelevant. Most of what you see today is posed anyway. For us, this is reality. Good times, good music, it's not that hard to understand".

Formed in 1998, the Orange County band has hit its stride and feels the time has come to reach out to as many music fans as possible. "We are ready. We've worked hard and now is the time for us to really move forward," Jeff says. Having spent most of 2000 in the studio and on the club circuit, the band is releasing their full-length debut, "Worth Waiting For", May 1 on their own independent label Roughedge Records. "After several months of negotiations with different indie labels, we just couldn't find a good fit. We are still open to the right deal, but we are also having a great time doing it ourselves. We enjoy this business and work well together. We've made some great friends."

Produced and recorded by O.C. pop standout Walter Clevenger, the album blends radio friendly rockers, sweet mid-tempo gems, and jangly hip-shakers together for a real listening treat. Reviewers and fans have likened the bands sound to the Beatles, Squeeze, Crowded House, Oasis, and Jellyfish, among others. With strong songs, tight harmonies and high-energy live shows, the band provides an engaging presence on the music scene and has developed quite an enthusiastic following. Guitarist and vocalist Dax Maddocks, lead guitarist Jeff (JP) Sterzer, bassist Brett Scott and drummer Johnny Glover pour themselves into Smetana's compositions with precision and power. All versatile professionals, these guys have what it takes to go the distance. Watch for the record, and watch for great things from Scarlet Crush. Despite the long road, the best things really are "Worth Waiting For"!

Equipment: None listed
Recordings: We just released our first CD this month (May 2001). Here's a quote from one of the local scribes that summed it up pretty nicely: "For those of you who rejoiced when the Beatles' '1' album knocked off the Backstreet Boys and spent 10 weeks at the top (30 years after they broke up!), I offer you Scarlet Crush. With a healthy respect for the past and a premium placed upon the power of songs, Scarlet Crush conjure up a magical mix of sweet, hypnotic rock for the people. Let your ears be refreshed by this Orange County band's debut release "Worth Waiting For" on Roughedge Records. On this solid 12 song effort, the boys have crafted songs about girls, records, and God (or is that redundant?) that will charm you with their melody and charge you with their energy. Teaming up with O.C. pop standout Walter Clevenger (of WC and the Dairy Kings), Scarlet Crush have blended their American roots with their Beatle boots and the results are sure to satisfy!"
Free MP3 or Video: None Listed Click Here for other free MP3 Downloads
Influences: Varied and far reaching, but certainly The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Crowded House....lots of the old stuff, really. As far as our contemporaries, we dig Radiohead, Creed, Dada, Travis, that kind of stuff. I guess everything we
hear influences us one way or another. One of our local faves is The Tories, a band that we've done many gigs with and are happy to call our friends.

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