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The Sunshine Factory

The Sunshine Factory Profile

Web Site:
Location: Mobile, Alabama
Members: Ian Taylor: Guitar,vocals,tracks
Sally Robertson: Bass,vocals
Mathew Hendrich: Drums
We are The Sunshine Factory. We started writing and recording somewhere in 2007 and then formed as a live act in 2008. We are known for our sensory overloading performances. Our live show includes lights, custom video linked to each song, fog and even aromatherapy on occasion.
Ian uses several Guitars but his primary guitars are a Fender Jaguar and an Xavier jazzmaster styled guitar. His amps are both tube,one Laney Protube and a Peavey vtm 60 for the heavier wall of sound. For effects he relies on a Lexicon mx200 processor, a keeley modified Ibanez tube screamer, a mini-qtron, and a electroharmonix tube distortion. These are the primaries while other pedals and effects may make appearances here and there. For the tracks Reason and Acid pro.
We have released one album,Vintage Revolution and one EP which we incorporated three songs from for our New Release titled only "Sugar".
Free MP3 or Video: Twisted and Clover
A tough question but to name a few: Eastern Orthodox Chant, The Cocteau twins, a lot of late 80's and early 90's Manchester groups, MBV,the beach boys The chemical brothers, The Smiths, GBH, and Dark metal.

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