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Wicked Article

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Location: Valencia, Spain

Dani Moure: Bass
Gorio Torres: Drums
Cristobal Perpi: Lead Guitar
Dai Berenguer: Lead Vocals and Rythm Guitar


Although Wicked Article began in 2003, it's members have been at it for a long time.  Cristobal Perpi was a founding member of Seguridad Social, one of the biggest bands in the Spanish Rock Explosion of the 80s with hits like "Come Ranas", touring extensively throughout Europe and South America.  Dani Moure, Dai Berenguer and Gorio Torres have respectively led bands like Maledicta, Ambuka Doral and Mafarka - vital references in the local music scene in Valencia - and have won various competitions and played massive festivals like "Festimad" in Madrid, etc. The band stands out in their home country as one of the few who sing in "real" English making them a top-notch export.

From the very first rehearsal everything ran smoothly. There and then four songs were written that would appear in Wicked Article's first, self-produced, 5-track EP. Since then the band has recorded their first full-length album "The Calm before the Storm".  Produced by Manolo Tom's (personal assistant to super producer Rick Rubin) (Recorded at Mojave Studios (Valencia), RPM Studios (Valencia) and Studios 54 (Valencia), mastered by Manolo Tom and Jorge Vivo assistant engineer at Chartless, Malibu, CA.  This 10 song album is both, raw and solid - full of inspired song writing and musicianship and certainly kicks serious ass.

As yet unsigned to any label, the new album is set for official release in September 2007 with extensive national distribution and global digital availability. At present WA are getting ready to tour throughout Spain to promote the upcoming album release; taking their Hard Rock across the country and creating addicts everywhere they play. Once you see them, you just can't get enough and have to see them again! Wicked Article are stalwart survivors in the trenches of rock.

We use Marshall JC 800 Marshall Combo and Vox 30 guitar amps. Harkte bass amps. Gibson and Fender guitars. MusicMan bass guitar and Mapex drums.


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Influences range from 70s bands like Led Zeppelin, Free, Humble Pie, The Beatles to 90s bands like Soundgarden, Black Crowes, QOTSA, etc

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