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Gregory Paul
Self Released

With guitars, vocals, percussion, violins and electronics, electro-acoustic ambientician Gregory Paul creates the texturally all-over-the-place patchwork of anon which encompasses many things... beginning with a pair of oddly-entrancing folk-ethereal pieces where six-strings twang and sparkle in acoustic and electric varieties and vocalizations hover ; spirit and decibels, a gentle mini-cyclone of soft guitar jangles stirs up softly crooned strains of wordless emotion, preceding the more vaporous ripples of dustbowl couple. Crispy drum-n-bass pitter-pats over the swirly miasma of vocal loops which cycle through pollyanna smile; said beats eventually subside as the puffy waves of sound surge and recede. Somewhat more off-kilter (or less on-kilter, perhaps?) , stronger souls (13:14) reverberates disorientingly while assorted chords strum above in psychedelicate arabesques and glimmery ripples of feedback, for quite some time it seems. Awash in a dense wavering sea, strings and vocaldrones are heard between the jagged crests and troughs of clear interlude (2:27). The droning depths of anon seem considerably (and appealingly!) more sedate after the previously jarring extremes; less-turbulent spirals of glowering cloudiness are sparked with hazy, mid-tempo shuffles (and occasionally, what may be viola-like strands)... a very cool mix! Woozily droning fiddlesounds give guitcello an experimental longform hoedown-meltdown flavor.

Track Listing:

1. Spirit and Decibels
2. Dustbowl Couple (Real Audio Sample)
3. Soundlight Interface
4. Pollyanna Smile
5. Stronger Souls
6. Clear Interlude
7. Anon
8. Guicello
9. Ten Minute Shower (Real Audio Sample)
10. Summer Park

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