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Gregory Paul and the Autumdivers
Five Song EP
OnlineRock Records
Gregory Paul and the Autumdivers are a group built on the foundation of true emotional music: richly atmospheric, disarming in naked simplicity and soaring in the organic thresholds of the greatest indie pop. In performance and on record, the group explores a hybrid of textured, hypnotic pop and ambient rock. Paul's emotive vocals and guitar are interwoven with haunting melody, all propelled by Aaron Boucher's percussion and Tony Wensel's solid bass lines. Hybrid is a good word for the group as their influences are wide ranging. Echos of Brit pop, dream pop, rock, dub reggae, Americana and minimalism surge through the mix during the band's spirited, electric performances and on their CDs.

This 5 song EP gives us a glimpse into the latest sounds of Gregory Paul and the Autumdivers who are currently working on their follow up to "Spirit and Decibels" which was released in 2002. Some of the songs included on the EP will make it to the full length CD scheduled for release in the early summer of 2004.

Track Listing:

1. I Still Feel
2. Get Me Out
3. Spirit and Decibels (live)
4. Vernacular Dramatics
5. Place to Call Your Own

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