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Gregory Paul
Awake from the Flash
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Somewhere between the minimalist landscape and the world of psyche folk lies the musical territory of Gregory Paul. As a singer, guitarist/songwriter and composer working to create a hybrid of sound, Paul has emerged as a craftsman in hypnotic, emotionally fueled atmospheres.

In addition to fronting New York’s cosmic American rock band, the Autumdivers, Gregory Paul has an evolving solo career, as evidenced in his new release “Awake from the Flash”. With the album, Paul aims to push the boundaries of experimentation with a multi-genre palette of acid folk, dream pop and improvisation among others.

The title song "Awake from the Flash" is an experiment in "epic" form. Here Paul combines elements of song writing and story telling along with improvisation, finger picking and ambient music. Paul went back through five years of journals to assemble words merging a poetic stream of consciousness lyric that runs along and correlates with the current of sound.

“There's an element of truth and sincerity that's revealed in that process, no matter what the art form.” said Paul while working on the new album, “I sort of let this build and guide itself, and I think there's something to be said about following your intuition.”

Other highlights from the album include a stinging version of A Walking Fire and a beautiful stripped down rendition of the Autumdivers’ hit I Still Feel. Also, Violinist Lisa Toth and Lyricist B.C. Doren both contributed to the song Diver and Child.

Track Listing:

1. In To
2. Lost Diamond (Download Now)
3. A Walking Fire (Download Now)
4. Awake From The Flash
5. Strychnine Blues
6. Silly Dream
7. Vernacular Dramatics
8. Circa; Dusk
9. I Still Feel
10. Burn Fast Burn Bright
11. Diver and Child
12. Diseases of the Ear

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