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Ike Willis
Selected Works
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At age 21, Ike Willis was hired by late great American composer, rock guitarist and social commentator Frank Zappa as "frontman' - lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist for what were to become some of the greatest musical ensembles to perform in modern music history. Ike "Mr. Big Voice" Willis is best known for his fluid, soulful and hysterical vocal ability. Willis quickly became a popular addition of Zappa's band during the 80's bringing voice to Thing-Fish, and is most widely known as the voice of Joe from the critically acclaimed Joe's Garage

The Ike Willis: Selected Works CD takes music from Ike's early works, released originally as two separate recordings; the first, on vinyl as "Should'a Gone Before I Left" and the second, on CD as "Dirty Pictures" which are currently out of print. The new disc has been digitally re-mastered by Grammy Award winner Douglas Spotted Eagle. Ike will be on the road supporting the CD.

Track Listing:

1. The Clock
2. Sleepy
3. The Doctor is IN (Real Audio Sample)
4. (Venting the) Krypton Gas
5. Do/Don't
6. The Foreigner From Boston
7. Eye of Newt
8. A J (Real Audio Sample)
9. Blond Hair, Blond Teeth
10. Sun Son
11. Dirty Pictures
12. Yo Kats
13. I Know (Real Audio Sample)
14. The Hollow Earth
15. Bad Time

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