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OnlineRock Records Signs the Gregory Paul Group
New album entitled “Spirit and Decibels” will be released this summer

SAN CARLOS, Calif., April 16, 2002 – OnlineRock and its newly launched label, OnlineRock Records, have just inked a deal with the Gregory Paul Group to release their next album.  The signing marks a significant alliance between one of the largest music communities assembled on the Web and one of America’s finest up-and-coming bands.

OnlineRock Records uses the OnlineRock web site – a portal for musicians and music enthusiasts - to scour the world for new talent. Thousands of bands currently use the site and OnlineRock receives demo packages daily from bands seeking representation. Out of the submitted demos, the company was in search of the first band to be signed by OnlineRock Records. 

"The Gregory Paul Group is the type of band that every label would dream of working with," said Steven Beck, founder and president of OnlineRock.  “Their extensive touring experience, prolific songwriting, and their fresh sound make them stand out among the thousands of bands we had the opportunity to consider. They are 100 percent dedicated to producing great music and they understand the hard work required to be successful in this business.”

Billboard Magazine describes the Gregory Paul Group, hailing from Rochester, New York, as “a hybrid of atmospheric ambience and powerful acoustics.”  The group’s lineup showcases Gregory Paul on vocals and guitar, Aaron Boucher on drums, and Tony Wensel on bass.  Since 1998 they have played extensively throughout the northeast United States including opening spots for The Moody Blues, Foreigner, Blue Oyster Cult, Matthew Sweet, G Love & Special Sauce, and the Crash Test Dummies.

"OnlineRock along with Steven Beck are risk takers and pioneers in the music industry. We need thousands more like them in this business to breathe some life into it and to keep it thriving,” says Linda Fullerton, manager of the Gregory Paul Group and president of the Rochester Music Coalition.  “They truly understand the need for artists to retain their independence and encourage their creativity."

“The music business is rapidly changing and evolving,” said Gregory Paul. “Major labels are no longer the standard by which to measure the value of popular music,” said Gregory Paul. “The Web has catalyzed a diverse and independent arts counter-culture and OnlineRock represents the future of the music business within this growing movement.”

“We understand the potential of the Web as a worldwide marketplace where we can promote our music to those looking for a new sound,” said Aaron Boucher. “OnlineRock supports us as artists and gives us the freedom to be who we are.  We look forward to a long and lasting relationship.”

“We live in a technology-crazed era where making your music accessible on the Internet is just as crucial as playing live or appearing in major publications,” said Tony Wensel. “Our partnership with OnlineRock Records is a natural progression for our band and we are all very excited about the forthcoming album.”

OnlineRock plans to release the group’s new album, entitled “Spirit and Decibels,” in the early summer of 2002.  The CD will be available from the OnlineRock Web site, at the group’s live performances, and also at music stores around the country. In support of the new album, the Gregory Paul Group will continue to tour.  For a complete list of upcoming shows, please see the group’s Web site at  Additional information, as well as the group’s previous album, can be found at

About OnlineRock

OnlineRock ( is an online music community providing bands and musicians with tools and services to promote, distribute and sell their music online.  The site provides free Web building and hosting services, bulletin boards, and editorial content of interest to musicians and music enthusiasts alike. Over 5,000 bands are currently promoting their music at OnlineRock. OnlineRock Records, the label launched by OnlineRock earlier this year, aims to empower musicians by providing them with the tools and the resources needed to produce and promote their music. Founded in 1999, the company is based in San Carlos, Calif.

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