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At on December 01, 2010.

An acoustic instrument cable designed to reproduce a wide range of frequencies and provide a clean and natural tone.

As serious musicians know, acoustic instruments (unlike their electric counterparts) must often reproduce a very wide range of frequencies from deep lows to extended highs. Therefore, an acoustic instrument cable must be designed much differently than ordinary electric instrument cables.

With this concept in mind, Core X2 carefully selected three separate wire gauges that were specifically created to reproduce well-defined lows, mids, and highs, and combine them together to provide the utmost tonal balance for your acoustic guitar. The Core X2 acoustic instrument cable was created to deliver a warm, full-rich frequency range of natural hardwood tones. This premium cable has been designed to capture and then share the wide blend of notes acoustic guitars produce.

This is achieved with advanced technology, professional expertise by musicians working with engineers, and audiophile-grade components that include 99.99% oxygen-free strands of multi gauged copper and other high-grade materials. This Core X2 99.99% oxygen-free copper has far less crystals per foot than ordinary commodity copper and thus less obstacles for your signal to cross so that your guitar delivers a natural, clean, and pure tone with less loss and minimal distortion.

Wrapped with audiophile-grade components in a flexible argyle-patterned woven jacket and paired with gold-plated connectors encased in detailed hardwood, you will look as good as you sound.

The professional grade Core X2 acoustic instrument cable is made for professional and home studio use as well as for stage use.

CoreX2 Acoustic Instrument Cable Features:

  • Designed for acoustic instruments delivering full-rich, woody, natural acoustic tones
  • Durable audiophile-grade materials preserve and elevate natural sound
  • 24K gold-plated connector tips resist corrosion and sustain signal strength
  • Oxygen free 99.99% copper conductors for less distortion and cleaner sound
  • Three separate wire gauges for balanced frequency response and pure tone
  • Quad-balanced design rejects noise
  • Dual-shielded construction eliminates RF and EMI interference
  • Straight-to-angle Connectors encased in detailed hardwood finished with vintage brass
  • Argyle cloth woven jacket
  • Lifetime manufacturer's warranty

If you've got an acoustic guitar you're amplifying and need a CoreX2 cable that will reproduce its clean tone, order today!

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