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OnlineRock’s Virtual Musician knows the ropes in the music industry. AnVirtual Musician accomplished axeman, The Virtual Musician has gigged, recorded and done the circuit with a number of bands. In his columns he shares his wisdom, ideas and headstrong opinions.

The Austin Diaries: Four Days at South by Southwest - Here I am, on the plane about to land in Austin, Texas for my first South by Southwest festival and convention

The Paradigm Shift - The values of Rock music are dead, the airwaves are ruled by music so lightweight it could be aural styrofoam, and the music industry powers-that-be have a grip on the business so tight that not even light can escape.

The Inspiration to Go Further - Ken Kesey had quite an impact on American culture itself, and his influence ranged far beyond the narrow confines of the San Francisco music scene.

Rock For America - Rock and Roll is uniquely American music, and has been the sound of America around the globe for half a century.

The Crossroads - Is the Internet music revolution is over or is the Internet music revolution just beginning?

Beauty and the Beast - Does being physically attractive get you more attention than you would get from just the music itself?

Our Music, Ourselves Part III, Solidarity - Now is the time to blaze trails through the wilderness of online music.

Our Music, Ourselves Part II, Our Rights - When it comes to composing, recording and selling music, do you know your rights? Most of us don’t.

Our Music, Ourselves - If we are waiting around for someone else to come along and fix it for us, then we are doomed to the status quo forever!

What Is Success? - Success means different things to different people, and being a successful musician depends on how you look at it.

Why Do We Do This? - And for all of us who play and sing, at whatever level we’re at, music is the water of life!

The Recording Studio - It can (and should!) be a very rewarding experience and it really is the best way to make your songs sound just like you hear them in your head.

Reality Check - While we all struggle with playing and writing... some musicians are struggling with problems of a much more diabolical nature.

The Next Big Thing? - The audience is more fragmented... There is no "mainstream" in pop anymore, just scores of little tributaries.

Guitar Talk: The Stratocaster vs. The Les Paul - There are other guitars to be sure, but these are the primary weapons.

Getting the Goods on Gigging - Preparation is key. It will allow you to perform stress free, and make the club owners happy

Songwriting 101 - This class will enhance your ability to create glorious musical masterpieces that heretofore have never been heard.

The Art of Networking - I suppose it is possible to become a successful musician ...Then again, it is always possible to win the lottery!

The New Model - The advent of music industry trade shows and festival ... has forever altered the landscape for bands"  See what you can do to get signed.

Finding Your Sound - The eye that seeks the flower in the garden never finds it but you can with the help of the Virtual Musician

The Question: Tube or Solid State? - The Virtual Musician tackles the age-old question as to what amplifier is best for you.

The Virtual Musicians’ Guide to Promoting Your Music - How to put together a promo kit and promote your music.

Stay Tuned,

The Virtual Musician

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